Navajo Tea Demonstration

On March 26th, at the White Horse High School located on the Navajo Reservation on the boarder of Southern Utah and Arizona, a demonstration of The Way of Tea was held for the student scholars who had made Raku bowls in the recent past. The Division of Arts and Museums made this possible, and are owed much thanks for their efforts toward the accomplishment of this project.

The students were very respectful, curious, intelligent, and very well behaved. It was an honor to serve them and I was quite impressed with their courteous,and polite manners. We held the demonstration in the Home Ec. room of the school. Georgiana Simpson was the art teacher who should also be thanked for her gracious help in this event. We featured three objects that were of Native American origin in order to show our respect and appreciation to them. The incense container was a very small basket made by the To’hono Od’ahm Tribe. The Tea container was a small jar of earthen ware made by Anna Sandia of the Jemez Tribe. The principle sweet tray was made of bent wood bark by one of the northern tribes of Alaska. We featured a red Raku bowl in order to share the artistic creativity that they infused in their own Raku ware. A fan with the Kanji writing of ‘Sei-Jaku- (Tranquility) was flanked by a chabana flower arrangement, and the incense box. The sweets were Daifuku mochi. Here are the photos. My camera’s batteries wore out during the chakai so I have had to augment with more recent photos of the objects used.

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